Monday, July 25, 2011

What a great Find - My China cabinet

Well here "she" Is my wonderful Craigs list find all tucked in at home now. When we picked her up we knew there was no glass in the door. It had been broken on a previous move. My husband and I spent the evening pondering what type of glass has been in it when new. We decided in the wee hours of the morning we would call around to find seeded glass. Saturday morning rolled around and we were going through the phone listings for a speciality glass shop. We found a few but they were closed.... we assumed none would be open on Saturday since they were a specality they didn't need to be. We found one man who answered the phone, he was the owner of a glass shop in West Chester. He was at home but would meet us at his shop and cut the glass for us then and there. WOW can you beleve that?  We went,- we got the glass, came home and popped it in. All with in 24 hours. There must have been some devine intervention here. Thank you to whom ever guided that transaction they must have loved the china cabient as much as we do to have made this all come together. Here are some more pictures of the China in her new home all pretty.

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