Monday, April 29, 2013

Annie Sloan CHALK paint and Zebra Print chair

Hi there, a while back Iwas excited to order and receive my New toys. Annie Sloan CHALK paint  and a new brush or two that I ordered from one of my inspirations in the refinishing world - Perfectly Imperfect Restorations. I have  had this chair sitting around for a year at least.... NOW it's finally done and it will go with an antiqueish square desk that will be great for any crafters use. I did love the AS Chalk paint, it had me at the lid opening. It was smooth and easy to use with little to no splatter. When I make my own I get splatter with little grainey balls of mixture... sounds bad... on the furniture it's nice and smooth, on my floor not so much when the hubby gets miffed I have paint spots on the floor. :-) 

Stay tuned for the desk!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Thank you Etsy! for the sale of my Distressed buffet/server in chalk paint

Happy Easter Monday!
I have had the 4th little black buffet what is also know as one of our Signature pieces up on Craigs list for a  a week now, I' ve gotten some real activity from that listing and the usual scam emails.
I chose not to put it up on Etsy because I've not had success selling on Etsy and the shipping is difficult for large pieces of furniture. I decided after the week on Craigs list to go ahead and  put it up on Etsy. I wrote for local pick up only.  With in 3 hours it is paid for, SOLD and arrangements have been made to deliver it tonight.

YEA!! Thank you Etsy.