Tuesday, December 27, 2011

decoupaged dresser is done!

Christmas has now come and Gone... the dresser was completed in time and gifted. Here it is let me know what you  think.
Decoupage who knew??? apparently a lot of people, I'm just getting to the party.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Decorated Window Boxes 2011

SO here are my window boxes.. not the best but also  not to shabby.
I scored an absoutley georgeous full bed frame ( and a chair I can see leopard print!)  this weekend. Just out on the curb, I got to speak with the homeowner who put it on the curb it was an old family bed that they had put in the garage and it sat for a long time and since they didn't have a need for it they put it on the curb... lucky me! It is mahogany and beautiful just as it is. I was thinking of painting it but the hubby does not want me to. That is one problem for a furniture refinisher, to amass pieces to paint and then the conversation goes this way- I don't think you should paint that. What to do???  I am fine with not paiting it, that just means it has to stay in my garage until we can re-configure bed rooms and my babygirl gets it for her room, someday..... Enjoy the holiday season!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Season 2011

I've been looking for Chandelier decorations and saw some neat ones in blog land one speciffically at "It's written on the wall"  so this is my attempt at the Christmas tree Decorated Chandelier  and my china cabinet putting the unused last year  garland to good use.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

on track

I had a chance this weekend to decoupage the drawers I added a second coat of paint. still a ways to go! I didn't make a new post just added to last weeks.

The weather was nice enough  so that I could put on a first coat of paint to the dresser. The gold paint was really difficult to work with it was really watery and went on really thin. I should have gotten a shot of my helper painting on my test board her's was really thick. she just kept layering it on. Remember the top and drawers are going to be decoupaged with Sheet music the side panels are going to have a crackle finish with black being the top coat so the gold shows through underneath.  I decided to accent the top detail by using gold for the edge instead of black so it didn't get lost.

Monday, November 14, 2011

In progress

Here are some of the latest picutes of the Dresser I'm working on. It's been primed and will be ready to paint A)when it's warm enough out again or B) i get someone to carry it into the basement for me.

Here is another Dresser I'm working on and no the top is not mint green it's gray primer I need to do one more coat of Brown over the entire dresser.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Just my opinion

Just had to put this out there I've had to say it one too many times. Just because something is painted white does  not make it shabby chic. OR just because you leave the original  yellowed in places  finish alone does not make it French Shabby chic.

Dresser in progress

Hi, I had seen some beautiful pieces decoupaged with sheet music so I wanted to find a somewhat small dresser to do this on and give it as a christmas gift to a certain talented singer (she does not read my blog... but just in case will remain nameless until after Christmas) so I carefully scoured for weeks craigs list and finally found this little jem. I have stripped it and will being painting and decoupaging as long as the weather hold out. Either way it has to be done before chrismtas.
My vision is to decoupage the drawer fronts and the top there is an awesome decal I would like to have on the top it will depend on how well it can be seen. The body will be black the side panel center will be a crackle gold underneath and the knobs will be an oval crystal type. I hope it comes out as great as i see it in my mind.
Here are some shots of during the stripping process I didn't get a before from when I picked it up. It was a brown and as I found out had at least 4 layers of different finishes on it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Raffle for the Heart Walk November 12, 2011

So for the 4th year I have been given the task of chairing My office's efforts to raise funds for the Heart Walk. My daughter has sung the National Anthem for the past 3 and will do so again this year, I have to take some perks! You can check out a previous year on You Tube search Julianna National Anthem, the walk is at Citizens Bank Park!
I have over the course of 3 days put this little table together. It is solid wood it was a heavy dark walnut when I picked it up. Now it's Red with a black wash and stencil of ever popular numbers take a look and if interested in purhcasing a chance contact me. Local folks only I am not going to ship this...
Unless you want to pay for shipping then hey please take a chance. :-)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skis are done

One set of skis are done. All painted red with white lettering and Snowflake Let it Snow! The weather is going to be just warm enough I can work on some pieces outside between now and Tuesday. I have a lot to get done! two dressers
The next set of Skis are going to be white, if you live near me keep an eye out for what I do with them (used to be downhill skiiing now they are just decorations.... ) Pictures below, including the next set to be painted and the two candy corn pumpkins.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Coffee Table is done!

It's done and I'm happy with the way it's turned out. Lets see if anyone on craigs list will agree and buy it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

candycorn pumpkin

My Candycorn pumpkin looks good from a distance too. I bought another pumpkin to "candycorn" with a slightly different technique lets see if that one comes out like the Better Homes and garden. Of course when I shared the Candycorn blog from The Magic Brush with my husband because I was thrilled I had done mine the same way TMB did hers my husband said oh I know how they did it,  Stay tuned....