Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Decorated Window Boxes 2011

SO here are my window boxes.. not the best but also  not to shabby.
I scored an absoutley georgeous full bed frame ( and a chair I can see leopard print!)  this weekend. Just out on the curb, I got to speak with the homeowner who put it on the curb it was an old family bed that they had put in the garage and it sat for a long time and since they didn't have a need for it they put it on the curb... lucky me! It is mahogany and beautiful just as it is. I was thinking of painting it but the hubby does not want me to. That is one problem for a furniture refinisher, to amass pieces to paint and then the conversation goes this way- I don't think you should paint that. What to do???  I am fine with not paiting it, that just means it has to stay in my garage until we can re-configure bed rooms and my babygirl gets it for her room, someday..... Enjoy the holiday season!

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