Monday, July 25, 2011

What a great Find - My China cabinet

Well here "she" Is my wonderful Craigs list find all tucked in at home now. When we picked her up we knew there was no glass in the door. It had been broken on a previous move. My husband and I spent the evening pondering what type of glass has been in it when new. We decided in the wee hours of the morning we would call around to find seeded glass. Saturday morning rolled around and we were going through the phone listings for a speciality glass shop. We found a few but they were closed.... we assumed none would be open on Saturday since they were a specality they didn't need to be. We found one man who answered the phone, he was the owner of a glass shop in West Chester. He was at home but would meet us at his shop and cut the glass for us then and there. WOW can you beleve that?  We went,- we got the glass, came home and popped it in. All with in 24 hours. There must have been some devine intervention here. Thank you to whom ever guided that transaction they must have loved the china cabient as much as we do to have made this all come together. Here are some more pictures of the China in her new home all pretty.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some time's craigslist pays off

No I didn’t sell my nightstand yet…  I did however score a gorgeous antique china cabinet for $25.00. The ad read $25.00 or best offer I could not believe it when the Poster emailed me back and said he still had it! I arranged to go pick it up ( he was local we didn't have to drive an hour to a "ville" ) and when we arrived he asked did we want to come see it before we made a final decision. … I had seen the pictures and if it looked anything like the picture that was a no brainer question. IT”S GORGEOUS!   I didn’t even try to make a reduced best offer I felt like I stole it from him. He said it had been in his family for 50 years and that’s all he knows about it. He moved to PA from the Midwest. I’ll post the pictures he used on Craigslist. If anyone can offer any insight on this piece please chime in and let me know anything more about it. I think it’s from the 1920’s / 1930’s Perhaps Jacobean style?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

waiting for Google

So I'm waiting for Google to pick up the image of my painted black Nightstand to hopefully get this blog off the ground. My wonderful husband who is supportive of my venture is picking up a free bureau from Craigslist today - thank you Hon! I know, I know, where are we going to put it... In the garage of course.  Finally a Craigslist poster who wants to get rid of their item! For the past two weeks I've had dud posts who either don't respond after replying “yes the item is still available” or going through all the exchanges only to say at the end they have someone else coming for it!
I have so many ideas for this bureau, should I do Brown Cappuccino with Pink crystal knobs or Light green crystal knobs? Or Cream with the pink knobs?  Choices, choices! The excessive heat has not helped me this summer to be able to turn these items around as fast as I would like.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well I had high expectations for Craig’s list to quickly sell my items and I'd have lots of "extra" spending money ( mom can we go to Rita's, Mom can  you take me to game stop - nothing under $40.00, mom can  you buy me this....and it keeps going) I once read a post from my inspiration Jennifer Allwood of the Magic Brush on how Craigslist had forsaken her, her black table was not selling so she did a cute harlequin stencil on top only to have it sell and the purchaser to ask her to paint over it and make it solid black again.
Craig’s list has not Saken me (is that a word? I don't really think so) to forsake me. I'm disappointed I'm not a huge success at this yet. Come on craigslist I need to send my son's to fall soccer. OH and Upper Darby youth soccer is not getting my support that's another post in itself. Have you ever responded to an item for sale only to have seller answer you with one word. You: Hi I saw you’re whatever it is for sale is it still available? Seller:  Yes.
You: Great when can I pick it up where am I going?
I have had a couple such inquiries on my nightstand: Potential buyer:  Do you still have the nightstand?
Me: yes I do I'm home tomorrow when would you like to come take a look at it? Potential Buyer: no response.
I emailed Upper Darby youth soccer yesterday to ask if they had a program for 2011 the web site had 2009/ 2010 but nothing for 2011. So I wrote I have a 5 y/o I would like to enroll do you have a program this year?
UDYS Response: Yes!
ok  ME: That's great! When is the registration deadline I have two boys I'd like to register is it still $45.00?  UDYS: NO response....
We played UDYS about 10 years ago  for my now Older Children,  when my younger son who is now 9 Y/o was 5 we were going to sign him up but were told UDYS was really going downhill try Havertown. So I did. I will stay with Havertown perhaps they will try to sell their organization and provide me with useful registration information. I just thought it would be nice to keep my 5y/o in an organization where he could be playing with kids who would be in school with him too...