Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun with shutters for fall

More Shutters. These smaller shutters are so fun to work with. I got these when we went to Pick up a craigs list Free hampster habitat. ( ok.. we have the hampster home it's still vacant.. even the hampster houseing market is slow.. LOL ) Anyway, along with the hampster gear they had these great shutters out on the curb as well. I am debating on if I am done with it or not.. so I'm not quite sure if this is a before and after photo or a before and during photo.... Thoughts?

Friday, September 14, 2012

100 Year old Shutters

So I saw an add on Craigs list for Shutters approximately 8 of them. I immediatley emailed my husband who happend to be off on this day and at  home. I asked him if he felt like taking a ride to go pick them up and he of course said yes he would :-)
He went to pick them up and learned they were 100 years old. The home owner had picked them up some years ago with the plan to re-finish them and put them on her own home. As it turned out she decided not to, my good luck.
I have started work on two and just wait till you see how it turns out!

Hint this one will hang horizontal.