Wednesday, July 20, 2011

waiting for Google

So I'm waiting for Google to pick up the image of my painted black Nightstand to hopefully get this blog off the ground. My wonderful husband who is supportive of my venture is picking up a free bureau from Craigslist today - thank you Hon! I know, I know, where are we going to put it... In the garage of course.  Finally a Craigslist poster who wants to get rid of their item! For the past two weeks I've had dud posts who either don't respond after replying “yes the item is still available” or going through all the exchanges only to say at the end they have someone else coming for it!
I have so many ideas for this bureau, should I do Brown Cappuccino with Pink crystal knobs or Light green crystal knobs? Or Cream with the pink knobs?  Choices, choices! The excessive heat has not helped me this summer to be able to turn these items around as fast as I would like.

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