Friday, November 11, 2011

Dresser in progress

Hi, I had seen some beautiful pieces decoupaged with sheet music so I wanted to find a somewhat small dresser to do this on and give it as a christmas gift to a certain talented singer (she does not read my blog... but just in case will remain nameless until after Christmas) so I carefully scoured for weeks craigs list and finally found this little jem. I have stripped it and will being painting and decoupaging as long as the weather hold out. Either way it has to be done before chrismtas.
My vision is to decoupage the drawer fronts and the top there is an awesome decal I would like to have on the top it will depend on how well it can be seen. The body will be black the side panel center will be a crackle gold underneath and the knobs will be an oval crystal type. I hope it comes out as great as i see it in my mind.
Here are some shots of during the stripping process I didn't get a before from when I picked it up. It was a brown and as I found out had at least 4 layers of different finishes on it.

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