Monday, March 12, 2012

My experiments with DIY Chalk paint

So like many of you out there I love the Chalk paint idea... no prep work just get to painting. I found the Annie Sloan to be out of my budget for the time being.  When I have any extra $50.00 after shipping and handling  to spend on a quart of paint rather then gas and grocery and perhaps entertainment for the kids then I may drop the money for the paint, Until then I will work out my own DIY batches. The first batch I have to say I was disappointed with. It did not seam to live up to the hype of the DIY'ers. So I kept experimenting.  The second Color a warm soft brown came out much better I think. Photos will come soon. I put the brown on a old window I scored on Craigs list to make into a picture frame.

The Hope chest is nearly complete or it is if I don't put the Disney princess decals on it.. What do you think?princess decal or no princess decal? If you recall from my previous post this Lane hope chest belonged to my mother who passed away when I was Small. I have to keep the chest for sentimental reasons, but it reminds me of a casket so I didn't want to see it. Quite a dilemma  there. I decided I could paint it to make it appear happier. My four year old daughter loves it and is anticipating the day it's put in her room. We'll be re bed rooming the kids this summer.

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