Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everyday kaos

Pfew, yesterday was appropriate that I ended my day with unraveling my Chicken wire (now sold as poultry netting) it was a run around like a chicken with it''s head cut off day... This all occurs after my full time day job ends.
First I had it all planned out. I found a SUPER Great Armoire on Craigs list  the day before and it was not in tim buk too. However  the days schedule was jamb'd and the Craigs lister had a time frame too. Since the item was "hot" she had lots of requests for it and wanted it gone ASAP. She said I was the first respondent but others could get there sooner, If i could tell her when I'd be there she would give it to me. Now I did not want to involve the hubby he's getting a little concerned about the amount of items I'm accumulating and the Space in which we have to keep it all in... (not enough space, for anyone who's seen Beyond Thunderdome think the ending runway scene.. put your thumb and index finger together and go up and down..not enough space). That being said I planned to bring my two oldest boys with my husbands Suburban after removing the seats... Sounds good right.. We'll here is how it went after I arrived home with 30 min to get to the field.
1) Me.  get 6 yo who was at a friends house to  baseball practice for 5Pm so making dinner is now not an option. after the 1  hr. practice  I'll come home and grab the suv, the two oldest. Take one to his doctors appt. wait with the other then after shoot right over to the CL pick up which is about 15 min from the doc's office  and walla be home. (I had to have the muscle I was told the item was VERY heavy and there were 12 stairs involved)
2) Hubby you will have to take the other baseball playing son (9 y/o) to his practice a different field after you finish giving piano lessons to your Wednesday students. have kids take out rear bench, Ok Check can do .
Remember I'm going to come home get the SUV the two older boys and go.
3) 6 y/o baseball runs late it's now 6:11 and I'm leaving the field. I have to be 20 min away for 6:45 appt.
Get  home... guess what no suv hubby forgot and stayed at Baseball practice with the 9y/o Older son called when are we leaving... I'm walking home from school  he fogot! can you come get me? It's 6:20 now I have to be 20 min away for a 6:45 appt. still waiting for the SUV and the seat has to be removed.
Hubby arrives back, we've got one older son, no seat out and time is quickly ticking by. We decide Hubby will go instead , go get walking son from school, take other to the appt. maybe he and older 1 can go get the armoire while older 2  is being seen? He decided no. I grab the 2 smallest children  and run to the other field to grab the 9 y/o from practice. hubby calls he's still home It's 6:40! Our daughter needs a ride home from school track meet is over .. he was just there ! I call to cancel the doctors appt. Email the Craigs lister to say My hubby and the two boys are coming instead of me and the two older boys. nearly 7 pm now- and he's still home.  I pass him on my way back from the field. He's off ! I'm home now it's feed the kids I have at home, get homework done take the dog out feed the dog. Get the 2 little kids in bed, make sure the 9  y/o has done Homework and get him to practice his cello, Break up disagreement with the oldest child and 9 y/o.
Just a day in the life..  Get kids in bed, have discussion with 9 y/o on attitude and actions, pick up dog accident in the house, he's not house broken yet!! Work on Two projects I've got going, hubby arrives back at home, brings armoire in I'ts great! and sitting in my foyer. Hubby's beat it's been a long day. i work on projects hop in the shower, now it's finally time for Wawa! Hooray. Our day winds down.
I'll post pics soon.

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