Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When it's too far to travel to pick up Free or nealry free stuff

So this weekend we got in the suv and traveled out to farm country (we live in the burbs) to pick up a free bureau. Now I knew the bottom drawer was not in proper working order, not a big deal as I plan to make the bottom drawer a shelf and use baskets. I did my due diligence and questioned the craigslister if the bureau was solid wood and if it had any other issues other than the bottom drawer, after all she was selling for $6.00 then decided to give it to me free because she had taken so long to answer my email saying I was interested in it. So After driving an hour away from our home with our two youngest along for the ride to enjoy sightseeing in farm land, hummm that didn't go well because they "missed" seeing most of the animals I tried my best to point out which lead to whining and crying. OH MY! We arrived to the destination only to find the bureau was not is as great a shape as I had believed. NOT that we can't repair it but the hubby has laid out a geographic area I can agree to go pick something up in.... no more villes'
 I will post pictures soon.

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