Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back in Business

Ok... so a month or so ago I posted a farewell  put all my projects on the curb and stopped looking at craigs list.. for a day. then I came across a great little buffet it was so perfect to be re done. I argued pleaded and begged the hubby to go with me to pick it up, 
ME: can't we please get it? It will sell fast you know it will.
Hubby: shaking his head, where is it going to go? The garage is full where are you going to paint it?
Where will it stay until it sells? ????? ETC ????? ok if you MUST we can pick it up.
SO we went to go get it. My car is full of baseball gear, bats, batting helmet, gloves the season had just ended, give me a break of course I had not emptied it all out yet, the million books and change of clothes from my ever changing outfit youngest kids... so again the eyes rolling from the hubby why isn't this clean ?
As we arrived at the destination free buffet home, my son pleads he has to go to the potty! OH NO! Now not only do we  have to park in front of this home I have to interact with the homeowner to ask if my child can  use their bathroom. I do this for my son and my husband prepares to pick up the buffet. He opens the tail gate and guess what? the next door neighbor comes home and we are a tad bit in the way of her driveway, being ever so sensitive to these issues my husband immediately jumps into the driver’s seat to move ahead, and the ball bats go rolling out, tink, tink, tink goes the aluminum bat. I come back to the car un-aware of the embarrassment my hubby is now feeling and we drive off. At the end of the story, the buffet is painted, the buyer comes today and the hubby is searching for more. Stay tuned!

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