Monday, August 6, 2012

3rd time's a charm

Remember the end table I painted black and had three stars on top. red, white and blue... No? well it does not surprise me I changed it to a Teal Distressed top and painted the top of the painted black coffee table to match, that didn't seem to be getting any interest either so I decided maybe it needs to be lighter. I painted the base a warm cream  and dry brushed some on the top and edges. Within 20 minute of posting the revamped coffee/end table I had a solid buyer who came and purchased the set!  I had loved the teal dresser and could not wait to finish it. I thought it would be gone in a snap but alas it still sits. I guess I should re- do it too.
On another note I picked up some really great wooden shutters today. the possibilities are swarming, which one to choose? Which one to Choose? - stay tuned.

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