Friday, October 21, 2011

Time Piece

Two things, First I made an attempt at a candycorn pumpkin as seen in Better Homes and Garden. I paitned my candycorn shapped pumpkin as I was waiting for my stenciled numbers on my Coffee table to dry... I decided  tape the pumpkin to avoid overspray on the parts i did not want color on... I thought it would be best to paint it bottom first- upside down it went.
Then I flipped it and painted the top, I masked off the stem too. I noticed later on that Jennifer used foil... why didn't I think of that?
I did not like the quality of the craft spray paint but all was still ok. I removed the tape (time lapse went to Open house at the elementary school, came home ate dinner then changed out of the office cloths- yes i was painting the coffee table and the pumpkin in my dress) I did not like the tape lines so i "blended" the paint and it did not look like the BH&G pumpkins. Then the I got an update from the Magic Brush, Jennifer had blogged about painting her candycorn pumpkins and she's a professional, I was thirlled to read she too had chosen to paint the bottom first (her paint ran- mine did to a little) and then tapped off for the top to get a crisp line, she too was not happy with it. Hers came out ok and she's Jennifer, mine came out OK too and I'm just mearly me. My husband thinks he knows what the secret to the BH&G pumpkins is... I'm going to give that a try next.

Second: the Coffee table is almost finished I"m going to do one more treatment to the top then it will be what it is...
Pictures below.


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