Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Interest

I was not found of going to the mall with my grandmother she always wanted to look in the kitchen gadget section of the store or (Eyes rolling) the dreaded fabric store (remember when a mall had a fabric store?) I was so board tagging along with her looking at all the boring things.  Why couldn't she want to do what I wanted to do...? If only now I could pick her brain  ... (dramatic pause) on anything really.
I took one trip to Michaels and two Trips to JoAnn Fabric and crafts this past weekend. OH HOW FUN. The store is not new around here, only my desire to go into it. I needed to get new fabric to re cover my chairs that go with the re conditioned table I'm working on. So far I've spent a little money on these projects and have not sold a thing (pout face) although I remain optimistic especially when my husband is searching the commercial property rentals for a shop for me.  We have passed up many a free find because we have no place to store it.
I will post pictures soon of the chairs before/ during and after! Along with the table.

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